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1.School of Engineering & Technology
  • Diploma (ME) Auto.
  • Diploma (ME) Pro.
  • Diploma (ME) Auto. Lateral
  • Diploma (ME) Pro. Lateral
  • Diploma (CS)
  • Diploma (CS) Lateral Entry
  • Diploma (Civil)
  • Diploma (Civil) Lateral
  • Diploma (Electrical & Electronics)
  • Diploma (Electrical & Electronics) Lateral
  • B.Sc (CS)
  • B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics)
  • B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics) Lateral
  • B.Tech (Civil)
  • B.Tech (Civil) Lateral
  • B.Tech (CS)
  • B.Tech (CS) Lateral
  • B.Tech (Mechanical)
  • B.Tech (Mechanical) Lateral
  • BCA
  • MCA
  • M.Sc (CS)
  • M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Manufacturing Tech. & Automation)
  • M.Tech (Power System Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Power Electronics & Drives)
  • M.Tech (CS)
  • M.Tech (Civil)
  • Ph.D
2. School of Law
  • LLB
  • LLM with Business Group
  • LL.M with Criminal Group
3.School of Pharmacy
  • D.Pharm
  • B.Pharm
  • B.Pharm (Lateral entry)
  • M. Pharm (Pharmacology)
  • M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  • Ph.D (Pharmacy)
4.School of Education
  • B.ED
  • B.EL.ED
  • Ph.D
5.School of Management and Business Studies
  • D.H.M
  • B.H.M
  • B.COM
  • BBA
  • M.Com
  • MBA (HRM)
  • MBA (Finance)
  • MBA (International Business)
  • MBA (Information Technology)
  • MBA (Information Technology)
  • MBA (Marketing)
  • Ph.D
6.School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Dip (FD)
  • D.LIS
  • B.A. (English)
  • B.A. (Economics)
  • B.A. (Philosophy)
  • B.A. (Education)
  • B.LIS
  • BFA
  • BA-JMC
  • B.Sc (Fashion Design)
  • B.Sc (Home Science)
  • B.Tech (FD)
  • M.A. (English)
  • M.A. (Economics)
  • M.A. (Philosophy)
  • M.A. (Education)
  • M.A. (Sociology)
  • M.A. (Hindi)
  • M.A. (Sanskrit)
  • M.A. (Geography)
  • M.LIS
  • MFA
  • MA-JMC
  • M.Sc (Fashion Design)
  • M.Sc (Home Science)
  • Ph.D
6.School of Sports
  • B.A. (Yoga and Naturopathy)
  • BPES
  • MPES
  • M.A. (Yoga and Naturopathy)
  • Ph.D
4.School of Sciences and Agriculture
  • Dip (Ag)
  • B.Sc (Ag)
  • B.Sc (PCM)
  • B.Sc (ZBC)
  • B.Tech (Ag)
  • B.Tech (Bio-Tech)
  • M.Sc (Ag) in Horticulture
  • M.Sc (Ag) in Agronomy
  • M.Sc (Ag) in Genetic & Plant Breeding
  • M.Sc (Physics)
  • M.Sc (Mathematics)
  • M.Sc (Chemistry)
  • M.Sc Life Science (Botany)
  • M.Sc Life Science (Zoology)
  • M.Sc Life Science (Micro-Biology)
  • M.Sc (Bio-Tech)
  • M.Tech (Bio-Tech)
  • Ph.D
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    1. What are the admission requirements for undergraduate programs?
    Admission requirements vary by program, but generally include a completed application form, high school transcripts, standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Specific programs may have additional requirements.
    2. How do I apply for financial aid?
    To apply for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. You may also need to submit additional documents as requested by the university's financial aid office. Be sure to check deadlines to ensure timely processing.
    3.What resources are available for career planning and job placement?
    Our Career Services Center provides a range of resources including career counseling, resume workshops, internship placements, job fairs, and networking events. We also offer an online job portal for students and alumni.
    4. How do I obtain my student ID card?
    Student ID cards can be obtained at the Student Services Center. You will need to bring a valid photo ID and proof of enrollment. The ID card provides access to campus facilities, library services, and meal plans.
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